hp starts "a crusade" against cartridge piracy in Bolivia

hp starts "a crusade" against cartridge piracy in Bolivia

companies of technology such as HP, have created anti-piracy programs and they have implemented technologies that allow to detect the originality of their ink and toner cartridges to reduce the negative consequences for the equipment.

A problem that has been identified in the domestic market is that when purchasing these consumables they can being easily duped into buying counterfeit products that might look genuine.

In Bolivia, the purchase of these products is frequent due to the considerable difference they represent compared to the originals. Likewise, there are cases where rates close to those of the original supplies are offered and consumers are deceived with replicas of packaging or labels, making it more difficult to detect counterfeiting and raising the risk of affecting the operation of the equipment where are installed.

Although buying at a ‘cheap’ price may represent initial savings, a fake cartridge can lead to large risks and additional hidden costs, such as wasted paper, damage to printerspurchase of larger number of ink and toner cartridges, frequent replacement or maintenance of the machine, invalidation of warranty and, in addition, it can reduce the productivity of the company or organization due to the various performance and print quality problems that can occur.

According to a study conducted in 2020 by SpencerLab “when using inks from other brands or manufacturers, on average 21 times more sheets are wasted than when using original inks”. Likewise, an investigation carried out by La Market Strategies International in 2020, indicated that 9 out of 10 technicians recommend the use of original cartridges to minimize printer service visits.

Using quality ink and toner cartridges is essential to maintaining work productivity. Knowing this need, the illicit manufacture and sale of these supplies has increasedbeing this counterfeit a threat that means an impact of $509,000 million, which represents 3.3% of world trade and that, by 2022is expected to grow to $ 991,000 million, according to the report on ‘Trends in the trade of counterfeit products’, carried out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, in its acronym in English).

hp starts "a crusade" against cartridge piracy in Bolivia

Faced with this situation, technology companies such as HP, have created Anti-Piracy and Anti-Fraud (ACF) programsdesigned to provide comprehensive protection against counterfeit and substandard products, allowing users to identify genuine products and thereby reduce and minimize risks to their equipment.

This program is supported by five pillars: investigations, channel management, awareness, product and packaging, and legal matters. With them, the company makes permanent efforts to inform users and organizations about the risks of purchasing fake products and promote the purchase of completely genuine consumables that provide safety and quality.

In the same way, heThe company constantly monitors bulk purchases to prevent the possible penetration of counterfeiters. During 2020, thanks to HP’s ‘Transaction Protection’ business recovery program, contracts of more than $46 million from customers in Latin America were protected.

recommendationones to protect equipment

Whenever possible, it is recommended that you buy new cartridges from a reputable supplier and verify that the products are legitimate: first andExamining the new HP Mobile Authentication labelwhich features holographic flip properties and includes a QR code. Second, using the QR code reader to check the security code; and third, checking hp’s response indicating that the cartridge is genuine.

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