Dollar today: how much is the foreign currency trading for this Thursday, April 7

Dollar today: how much is the foreign currency trading for this Sunday, April 24

Throughout the business week, the prices of the dollar suffered several upward movements in the different exchange markets of the country. While on Friday, the Central Bank (BCRA) had a new positive round, obtaining 30 million dollars to add to its reserves, so the cumulative figure for the month was 174 million dollars.

In the official market, the dollar regulated registered a rise of 18 cents on Friday and added a total of $1.37 throughout the week, so this morning it is bought at $113.69 and it is sold at $119.69 per unit. On the other hand, in private banking, american currency around $121 for sale.

The wholesale dollar for banks rose $1.33 throughout the week: today it is trading at $114.03 for purchase and $114.23 for sale.

This sustained escalation of the officer also affected the value of the dollar solidary. Throughout the week, the foreign currency that starts from the official value and includes 30% of the COUNTRY Tax and 35% as an advance on the Income Tax, $2.26 was recorded and now it sells for an average of $197.49 per ticketabout to pierce its all-time nominal high of $200.

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