Universidad Católica innova y emprende

Catholic University innovates and undertakes

The Santo Domingo Catholic University (UCSD), will celebrate its 40th anniversary of those fifteen years, and has carried out a process of institutional strengthening in the last six years, according to Professor Francisco Cruz Pascual.

In these 30 years of contribution, so that the Alma Mater consolidates itself as an essentially human institution, capable of recognizing in the person the object of its existence, an academy that operates with innovative methodologies, developing service learning, project-based learning and Design Thinking.

I recognize the university as an academic company that seeks constant innovation through active listening to its actors, that is, teachers, students, families, executive management staff and administrative support.

During this time, I have seen UCSD develop a correct methodological implementation, which allows finding solutions from the perspective of its essential actors and, in turn, creating agile, creative and innovative teams.

To show some examples are the creation of the International Business, Applied Economics degrees in two fundamental outputs; as well as master’s degrees in Social Security and Occupational Risk, Organizational Leadership, Applied to Decentralization and Modern Health Management.

Professor Cruz Pascual considers the university as a world where digital transformation, high competitiveness and the revaluation of service users are increasingly on the rise, because his methodology strengthens the mission, the discipline we use to combine thought creative with academic thinking with an entrepreneurial sense, and generating solutions of long-term value, for the good of the graduates.

During these decades, I have seen the university develop, renew and consolidate a teaching practice with innovative methodologies, which are currently aided by games, “gamification” and skills in digital programming, combined with the “flipped” style. and cooperative/collaborative that invigorate their educational practice, to graduate professionals with a mentality of creating jobs, not of being employees.

The teaching and learning model, armed with emerging technologies mounted on various ICT platforms and tools, such as robotics, augmented reality, video games, as well as research with emerging technologies, makes the Universidad Católica Santo Domingo a network of friendly ecologies to learn, in line with the Digital Age to arrive at learning throughout life, according to the professor’s considerations.

The Alma Mater takes into account in its processes the evaluation, management and various educational policies that seek -among other things- equity and attention to diversity, in search of an inclusive education.

The study center offers a variety of updated careers with the contents and programs of the 21st century and a postgraduate portfolio offers an infinite range of opportunities in various areas of knowledge.

We are proud that, at the Santo Domingo Catholic University, we lack nothing human, but nothing only human, we have enough!

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