How to use ChatGPT in Cuba from Telegram

MIAMI, United States. — At its inception, ChatGPT — the chatbot that generates responses autonomously developed by the OpenAI company — was only available on its website. However, it is now possible to access it through the Bing application from the Microsoft search engine, as well as from its own Android application. ChatGPT options have also emerged from WhatsApp.

It is difficult for Cubans to use the tool, since it is blocked for Cuba from its main page and the versions for WhatsApp do not provide service to phones with the island’s prefix (+53).

Fortunately, Telegram, WhatsApp’s main competitor in the field of instant messaging applications, also offers the possibility of installing ChatGPT through a Bot. The software, called “chatgpt_telegram_bot”, was developed by Karim Iskakov and can be installed on a mobile device by directly accessing this link.

Clicking will open a window on both mobile and PC that will take the user to Telegram. By selecting one of the options, it will be able to start interacting with the bot as if it were any other chat. You just need to click on the “Start” button at the bottom.

First, it will show information about the most used commands and the different ways of using them. For, the user will simply have to send a message.

Also, the developer of this bot provides the option to enable ChatGPT-4, the latest OpenAI language model. To use it, the Internet user must only follow these steps:

  • Enter the ChatGPT Telegram bot. Write “/settings” in the text bar at the bottom and finally, click on the “GPT-4” button located in the lower right corner.
  • It is important to take into account that in order to use ChatGPT-4 with this bot a payment is required, which can be made from Cuba since it accepts cryptocurrencies.
  • Finally, thanks to this Telegram bot, it is also possible to access ChatGPT directly from the home screen of your smartphone using the Telegram widgets available on Android. To create a shortcut to the ChatGPT bot, simply long press on an empty space on the screen, enter the widget menu and select the Telegram widget.
  • Once the Telegram widget appears on your home screen, swipe up inside it, click “Tap to edit” and then “Choose chats”. Finally, select the ChatGPT Telegram bot, which is called “ChatGPT (GPT-4)”, confirm your selection and tap “Done”.

ChatGPT offers accurate answers to specific problems instantly. Recently, Google launched its competitor (Bard), but it is only available in English and to access it from Cuba it is necessary to use a VPN.

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