How to reduce traffic jams in Bogotá?  This is what Claudia López proposes

How to reduce traffic jams in Bogotá? This is what Claudia López proposes

the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, announced, this Thursday, March 24, the beginning of the works of the ‘Northern road plan’the bet with which it seeks to reduce travel times in the city and optimize the connection of Bogotá with the rest of Cundinamarca.

The project requires an investment of $4 billion and its main objective is to improve mobility in the capital.

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The district president pointed out that her plan is to create more road lanes and that “tAll these new roads will double the number of lanes for the northern edge of Bogotá“. In addition, he detailed the exact points where the works will be carried out, which are in charge of the Institute of Urban Development (IDU) and the National Infrastructure Agency.

The points are:

– Second lane for the Seventh race, between streets 201 and 245.

– 3 additional lanes for the North highway, between streets 192 and 235: with the expansion it will have a total of 6 lanes.

Both works are expected to be completed within a period of 5 years, that is, for 2027.

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Other road points that he mentioned were:

– The Ninth race, between streets 170 and 193, which will be extended.

– And the extension of Boyacá Avenue, between 170th Street and Guaymaral.

López mentioned that the work of a part of the work that includes from 170 to 183 runs from May of this year until the end of 2023, for which he clarified that the project is already financed.

The president recalled that the IDU is advancing the work between streets 80 and 133, which is expected to be completed within 13 months.

Now, with the change of the National Government, which will take place on August 7, López asked that the continuity of the works be respected, as they are works that not only have financing from the District, but also from the country.

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The mayor concluded by mentioning that even if there is an expansion of lanes, they will still end up congested, for which she assured that “the solution is public, massive and clean transport: in the case of the north border, the answer is the Regiotram“.

We hope with the next Government to concrete the highway of the river in Chía and the Regiotram del Norte” he added.


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