Parlatino Venezuela installs the first period of sessions 2022

Parlatino Venezuela installs the first period of sessions 2022

With the challenge of promoting and promoting laws of great interest to the region, the Venezuelan Parliamentary Group of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (GPVPL) installed its first session on Thursday.

During the session, the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Parliamentary Group was ratified, headed by deputy Ángel Rodríguez in the presidency and by deputy Iris Varela in the vice presidency.

The coordinators of the permanent commissions were also confirmed, who will begin to address issues of interest both for Venezuela and for the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Deputy Rodríguez highlighted the importance of reincorporating the group with full rights to the regional parliament, as established in its operating regulations.

“The Latin American Parliament brings together 23 Latin American and Caribbean countries whose states explicitly recognize the presence of Venezuela in the largest parliament on the continent,” said Rodríguez.

He stressed that in this period of sessions a process of continental participation is opened in the framework of the talks aimed at minimizing the effects of the blockade against Venezuela, by the United States.

A process of meetings with other parliaments of the continent is also beginning, in addition to sessions with the participation of parliamentarians from the Venezuelan opposition.

He explained that in the 13 permanent commissions of the Parlatino, strategic debates will be held in which Venezuela will have an important participation, as is the case of the Defense Commission, the Public Services, Health, Energy and Agriculture Commission, among others, where they will debate crucial laws for the entire region.

“We will discuss laws of interest to the 23 States and we will print a broader vision on laws that could be partially or totally adapted in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela or in any other country,” said Ángel Rodríguez.

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