How to perform a home antigen test?

How to perform a home antigen test?

Taking a home COVID test is simple and Free Journal has made a step-by-step video on how you should do it in case you have symptoms or suspicions of having contracted the coronavirus.

  1. Wash your hands and put on some gloves.

  2. Open the package of the cotton swab and try not to touch the end with your hands or any other device.

  3. Insert the soft end of the stick into one of your nostrils no more than three to four inches from the nostril.

  4. Gently press it against the inside of your nostril and rotate it at least four times for 15 seconds.

  5. Repeat the same process in the other nostril, using the same end of the swab.

  6. Then place the stick in the reagent tube.

  7. You should rotate the swab in the reagent for a few seconds and leave it there.

  8. Proceed to close the stick and then pour about three drops of the reagent into the circular hole of the test and wait the time indicated by the manufacturer to know the result.

If the test shows two stripesone in the T and one in the C, the result is positive. In case of presenting a line in the letter C, it is negative; if it is in the T, it is invalid.

Home test is not valid for work purposes

The Vice Minister of Collective Health of the Ministry of Public Health, Eladio Perez, clarified this Wednesday that the antigenic tests for sale in pharmacy “have no validity” for employment purposes.

He invited patients who are positive to repeat the analysis in an authorized laboratory or sample collection center.

The prices of the tests in the various pharmacy of the country range between 300 and 350 pesos.

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