How the mobile telephony market was distributed in the first half

In the first half of the year, Antel led the number of mobile services offered by operator, according to data from the Communications Services Regulatory Unit (Ursec) disclosed in a telephony market report.

The report indicated that at the end of June there were 6,026,217 active mobile services with an increase of 2.6% compared to the amount verified in the second half of 2021, when there were 5,871,466.

In the distribution by operator indicated that 3.3 million corresponded to Antel (56%), 1.6 million were from Movistar (27%) and a million sure (17%). In the closing report of 2021, Antel had closed with a participation of 51.24%, Movistar (30.7%) and Claro (18.03%)so the state telephone company gained ground in this market.

In the area of ​​mobile telephony subscriptions by operator (active cell phone contracts), Antel was also at the forefront. The state company had 2.2 million subscriptions (48%), Movistar registered 1.4 million (31%) and Claro had 991,371 (21%).

The prepaid mobile services they were 2,773,084 in the first semester. In the breakdown, Antel had 1.3 million (47%), Movistar had 885,545 (32%) and Claro 588,023 (21%).

In the case of postpaid services the amount was 3,253,133, also with a majority stake of Antel. The public company recorded 2 million (63%), Movistar had 763,552 (23%) and Claro had 465,098 (14%).

the services of mobile Internet (computers and tablets) were 301,952, with a minimal increase compared to the end of the year, when they had been 299,220. In the distribution by operator, Antel kept 89% of the market with 268,074 services, Movistar with 8% and 25,643 and Claro with 3% and 8,235 mobile internet services.

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