Honduran organization, concerned about the cancellation of Nicaraguan NGOs: "They are essential to promote peace"

Honduran organization, concerned about the cancellation of Nicaraguan NGOs: “They are essential to promote peace”

The environmental youth platform Sustenta Honduras expressed its concern at the new attack by the Nicaraguan regime that left 25 civil society organizations without legal status. The organization highlighted the work of the outlawed Humboldt Center in Nicaragua.

Through a release, The environmental entity reiterated that “civil society is essential to promote peace, human rights, and sustainable development, so we express our solidarity with the people who make up these organizations.”

In addition, Sustenta Honduras highlighted the leadership of the Humboldt Center in the Latin American region through the Climate Action Network (CAN-LA) and thanked the support that the Nicaraguan organization has given to its environmental platform.

Related news: The Interior since 2020 refused to receive financial reports from the Humboldt Center, the agency denounces

The Humboldt Center described the cancellation of its legal personality as an “arbitrary process” and denounced that since 2020 the Ministry of the Interior (Migob) has refused to receive its legal and financial documentation, using arguments “not attached to those established at regulatory framework”.

The environmental agency stated that despite this measure they will continue to work for environmental causes, protection, conservation of natural resources and territorial development. “In the same way, we stand in solidarity with all the associations and foundations that, together with ours, today suffer this arbitrary process,” he said.

The Humboldt Center focuses on promoting territorial development through the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. Institutional work is organized based on a policy of alliances with civil society organizations and the organized instances that constitute their counterparts. In addition, they develop strategies for the solution of environmental and local problems in favor of sustainable development.

Women, indigenous people and children are the most affected by the closure of NGOs

On March 17, the National Assembly completed the outlawing of 25 civil society organizations. The legislative decree was approved with 74 votes in favor, 16 abstentions and one present; They assure that these organizations have not reported their boards of directors and their financial reports according to the fiscal periods and detailed breakdowns as established by law. In addition, the Foreign Agents Law and the Law against Money Laundering are mentioned.

Children, women, indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples are the most affected by this decision by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. National and international organizations have shown their solidarity with those affected by this arbitrary action by the regime.

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