Afghanistan the unhappiest country on the planet

The Central Asian country devastated by war and a humanitarian crisis obtained a score of 2.4 out of 10, reflected the Ariana News portal. “This starkly reminds us of the material and immaterial damage that war causes to its many victims and the fundamental importance of peace and stability for human well-being,” Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, one of the report’s editors, said in a statement. a press release.

Recently, the United Nations Organization expressed its concern about the serious humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, where 95 percent of the population cannot eat enough.

The UN said that the people suffering from acute hunger in Afghanistan increased to 23 million in March 2022 and the situation negatively affects children, as 3.5 million minors need nutritional treatment.

Currently, 97 percent of Afghans live below the poverty line, while more than half of the people require life-saving assistance.

Since the rise to power in Kabul of the Taliban movement, Afghanistan urgently needs international help.

The radical Islamic fundamentalist armed group took control of the country in August 2021, while the United States and NATO resoundingly pulled out their troops after 20 years of intervention, leaving thousands of civilians dead.

The disastrous US military occupation, which cost the US taxpayer more than two billion dollars according to calculations by Brown University, left 38 million Afghans in dire straits.

The data considered in the World Happiness Report offers a snapshot of how people around the world rate their own happiness and some insight into the science of well-being, said Lara Aknin, another editor of the report.

Finland was the happiest country in the world for the fifth consecutive year in this annual index.


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