Juan José Dutari: ‘Panama has a very well developed logistics infrastructure’

The president of Expo Logística, Juan José Dutari, spoke about the supply chain in our country, which was somewhat affected during the start of the pandemic.

He revealed that the sanctions imposed would force trade to restructure the supply chain of products in which Russia does have an important participation, such as liquefied natural gas, oil and fertilizers.

It is in this restructuring that “we are going to have a share, because we are going to provide a service that we did not previously provide.”

Dutari stated that Panama has a very well developed logistics infrastructure. “This helps us to give that push to other countries, we bring supply, storage and we have the possibility of reaching the consumer in less time”, he remarked.

He stressed that in our country the logistics issue continued to function uninterruptedly, generating services not only to Panama but to other parts of the world.

He specified that there is a significant number of ships, mostly bulk carriers, detained in the area of ​​the Russian and Ukrainian conflict that, by not being able to leave, do reduce the capacity of the fleet, which could have repercussions.

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