Grupo Aval will put inclusive spaces at the Estéreo Picnic Festival

Grupo Aval will put inclusive spaces at the Estéreo Picnic Festival

Grupo Aval said that for the Picnic Stereo Festival, to be held between March 23 and 26, allied with the Internal Action Foundation, ACD/VOCA Foundation, Game Time Foundation and three inclusive ventures (drag, youth and post-penalties), and collaboratively created the VIP space “Where everyone is welcome; the Very Inclusive People, where we seek to make visible the talent of artistic and cultural ventures that will help finish pimping the outfit and immortalize the festival”said the entity.

We are a brand with an inclusive position, where we form a group with all the organizations that are committed to building a country with more opportunities.“, said María Fernanda Sánchez, of Marketing of Grupo Aval.

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Creating inclusive, open, safe, respectful and pleasant spaces that welcome diversity is everyone’s business, therefore, we join the Very Inclusive People initiative, led by Grupo Aval within the framework of FEP 2023. Artistic and cultural ventures are a great opportunity to make visible and celebrate the diversity of our society”, comments Carolina Blackburn Cardona, Executive Director of the ACDI/VOCA LA Foundation.

People who visit the VIP space: Very Inclusive People from Grupo Aval and Experiencias Aval, they will live three artistic experiences led by inclusive ventures from entertainment:

1. Drag my style: drag art, as an artistic expression, brings together various disciplines such as singing, acting and makeup. Three of the country’s top drag artists, Aquarella_Dee, MindyFire and Scarlettsantino, will be doing a beaded drag makeup design for festival-goers.

2. Messages that unite:
Through screen printing, Póngale Color, the Tiempo de Juego Foundation program allows young people to generate entrepreneurial opportunities and amplify their voices in a creative and fun way. In the FEP they will complement their outfit for the attendees, with scarves with messages alluding to inclusiondiversity and the value of forming a group with everyone.

3. Show who you are: With the paparazzi Jhon and Diana, the FEP attendees will be able to show the world and immortalize the best moments, supporting second chances.

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For Johana Bahamón, president of the Internal Action Foundation, “For the Internal Action Foundation, these spaces are essential to make visible the talent of the people who have already recovered their freedom. In this way, we help reduce the stigma that society has with our post-penalized population. Both Jhon and Diana are the clear example of this work and today, through their lenses, they will be able to portray the hundreds of festival attendees. This is an invitation for us to give more and more second chances to people who, for the most part, have not even had the first”.

For his part, Andrés Wiesner, Creator of the Tiempo de Juego Foundation, account that “Póngale Color was born 15 years ago when we arrived in Cazucá and saw that we had no resources to get uniforms for the children who wanted to play soccer. To satisfy that need, a group of young people got together and created a screen workshop. Today they have a powerful business model that not only makes the 5,000 uniforms used by the members of the foundation, but also sells all kinds of clothing to other foundations and companies. What better setting to show all the creativity of this venture”.

For more than seven years Experiencias Aval has supported a series of actions around inclusion, equity and diversity within the framework of the Estéreo Picnic Festival such as: ‘Sentir en Voz Alta’, an initiative so that deaf people could experience the festival through lights and vibrations. In 2019 it continued on the path of sustainability, supporting 100 recyclers with more than 150 tons of waste, seeking to recycle and have an environmentally friendly festival, while educating attendees on the correct way to recycle. And last year, he created the first “Baños para Todes”, a bathing area that sought to break gender discrimination and thus promote plurality, identity and inclusion.

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These actions represent the leadership of Grupo Aval to promote the creation of constructive, respectful and discrimination-free environments, since today it has a Corporate Inclusion and Diversity Policy, co-created with the INclusions program of the global NGO ACDI/VOCA and the ACDI/VOCA LA Foundation, which seeks to enable organizations to materialize diversity, equity and inclusion actions. In addition, it was a pioneer in the adoption of practices for the inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ population and in 2022 received the Friendly Biz International Recertification from the LGBT Chamber of Merchants.“, The company closed.


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