Government registers 67 requests for the hiring of officials with “exemption” in remuneration limits

A list of officials hired by the Government of President Gabriel Boric showed that there are 67 requests to sign them with the exemption of the remuneration limits imposed by the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric.

A report by Radio Bio Bío via the Transparency Law revealed that in total, there have been 67 official letters received by the Budget Directorate. Of these, 61 have been approved. The list is led by the Presidency of the Republic, followed by the Ministries of Finance and Health.

From the Ministry of Finance they indicated that of the 61 people for whom the exemption was requested, these “would represent 0.15% of the total number of those who work under this modality in the public sector.”

In June, the aforementioned media reported that there were already particular cases in ministries that requested an exception to the rule from the Budget Directorate (DIPRES). One of them was the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, who requested the arrival of four advisers “exempting them from the salary limits.”

After said revelation, Monsalve maintained that “in justified cases this exception can be requested, and these have been cases considered justified.” However, Monsalve is not the only person who requested the hiring of officials under the exemption.

Until last August 5, the DIPRES has received 67 letters from ministries and undersecretaries that have requested exceptions in remuneration of people hired since March 11 of this year.

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