Government goes to communities to repair damage from Fiona

Government goes to communities to repair damage from Fiona

President Luis Abinader and his officials made arrangements and delivered materials to those affected by the hurricane to repair Fiona’s damage

In the midst of the damage and disasters that Hurricane Fiona left behind in its passage through the national territory, the Government executed last weekend a operative of reconstruction for all the communities affected by the phenomenon.

With the reconstruction of houses, health days, deliveries of materials and household items, as well as raw and cooked food, President Luis Abinader and his officials were in the provinces of La Altagracia, El Seibo, Hato Mayor, La Romana, Monte Plata, Duarte, San Pedro de Macorís and in each municipality that Fiona hit with the rains and hurricane winds.

Abinader exhausted a day on Saturday to repair Fiona’s damage that took him through four provinces of the country. He started his agenda with his attendance at the mass for the Mercedes Day that takes place in Santo Cerro, La Vega.

There Bishop Héctor Rafael Rodríguez Rodríguez praised the work of the government and President Luis Abinader. Above all, for promptly coming to the aid of families affected by the effects of Hurricane Fiona. From that stage, the head of state said that he asked God and the Virgin to help him to the aid of the most vulnerable. Later, Abinader traveled by helicopter to Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor, where he proclaimed that the government aid after the passage of Hurricane Fiona will reach everyone who needs it regardless of political factions.

Routes through east, northeast and north to repair Fiona’s damage

Holding various meetings in the provinces, the President reiterated that he will repair all the houses affected by Hurricane Fiona, without leaving a damaged one.

He also took stock of Fiona’s damage in the agricultural sector, which he indicated is the most affected of all. In this order, she offered the helping hand of the Government to recover agricultural plantations such as cocoa, coffee, passion fruit, banana, rice, coconut, among others.

The person in charge of the Dominican Agrarian Institute in El Seibo, Plácido Polanco, presented the president with the losses in the rice sector. He said that only in the community of La Gina that amount to 2 million 625 thousand pesos.

The president ordered the delivery of 500 thousand pesos to the mayors of the municipal districts of La Gina and El Cedro, while for El Seibo 1 million pesos will be delivered starting Monday and Tuesday, which must arrive equally to the affected.

Likewise, he instructed different officials to follow up on the aid, which is arriving through State institutions, civil society and churches.

In Sabana de La Mar, 50 homes will be completely rebuilt, while another 350 will be partially restored.

There, the Minister of Propeep, Neney Cabrera, reported the hiring of 40 dump trucks and eight mechanical shovels for the collection of debris. He assured that these works to be completed within the week.

Vice and Customs in Higuey

Vice President Raquel Peña participated in the operation led by the Director General of Customs, Eduardo Yayo Sanz Lovatón, in Higüey, La Altagracia. Together with the mayor of that municipality, Rafael Cholitín Barón Duluc, they delivered construction materials, clothing and food. The most affected families received.

The director of Customs, accompanied by his entire team, went to the Comprehensive Development Center of the Lotification Sajour community (Sajour). That place is used as a distribution center for aid and from there he made a tour of the popular sectors of this population.

Mixed teams made up of personnel from Customs, the Mayor’s Office of Higüey, the Social Plan and the Armed Forces, distributed food rations. Similarly, cement covers, wood, disposable diapers and items for personal hygiene for children and adults.

Other institutions in the journey to repair Fiona’s damage

On the other hand, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, and the director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation, Felipe Suberví, together with the authorities of Monte Plata, led a working group, with the aim of dealing with the damage caused by the hurricane. The National Institute of Professional Technical Training was in Sabana de la Mar and Miches.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor moved to the municipal district of Verón, La Altagracia and brought complete beds, construction materials, food rations from the social plan, from the economic kitchens and from Infotep. The Indrhri and Egehid inspected areas in the Arenoso municipality of the Duarte province.

The Reserve Bank Volunteers also went to Miches to distribute food rations and construction materials to be delivered to those affected. The bank donated 100 million pesos.

Energy bonus for affected

Supérate’s director, Gloria Reyes Gómez, announced that the government will temporarily distribute a emergency bonus to the families that have been affected by the passage of Hurricane Fiona in the provinces that were impacted.

Referring to the emergency bonus, he explained that fortunately it had been designed for six months with the support of the United Nations, specifically with the World Food Program Agency and the World Bank, which is activated temporarily in circumstances such as the Hurricane Fiona.

Reyes Gómez explained that for said emergency bonus, a survey began in conjunction with Siuben in the province of La Altagracia, from where they obtain information on a file, in which the level of damage to the home is explained.

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