Gobierno finaliza 2022 con inversión de más de RD$694M en obras

Government ends 2022 with investment of more than RD$694M in works

The Dmedia director of the presidency, Federico Reynoso, assured that the Government ended 2022 with an investment of RD$694,742 million in infrastructure works and projects Throughout the national territory. That investment covers 965 works.

In Santo Domingo and Monte Plata, the investment was 87,839 million pesos in 250 works, including the construction of line 2C of the Santo Domingo metro, Los Alcarrizos-Luperón section, whose investment of more than 29,353 million pesos.

Reynoso highlighted that in the case of Monte Plata the total investment is more than 4,100,000 million pesos, in 38 works among which potable water projects stand out, such as the construction of several multiple aqueducts, with an investment of more than 1,500 million of pesos.

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Regarding the Cibao Central region, the official investment is 56,769 million pesos, in 201 works, of which 52,284 million pesos are executed in Santiago in a total of 109 works for this province.

While, in Puerto Plata the investment is 3,636 million pesos in 61 works, the expansion and rehabilitation of 15 schools, with an investment of more than 585 million pesos.

In the Espaillat province, the investment is 849 million pesos in 31 works, among which the construction of the Canca la Reyna funeral home stands out, with an investment of more than 15 million pesos.

While in the National District, the investment was 29,191 million pesos in 72 works, such as the expansion of the metro line 1 service, with an investment of more than 13,151 million pesos and the rehabilitation for the tourist and social development of the colonial city, with an investment of more than 4,158 million pesos.

In the Cibao Norcentral region, the total investment of 24,365 million pesos in 106, of which the province of La Vega stands out, whose investment is 18,000 million pesos in 47 works.

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