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October 31, 2022
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Government analyzes the progress of educational transformation

Government analyzes the progress of educational transformation

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, receives today all the legislators that make up the government coalition, and also the entire leadership of education, in order to analyze the plans that exist around the educational transformation, the which will officially begin to apply from March 2023.

The meeting is today at 5:00 pm at the presidential residence of Suárez y Reyes, in the Prado area. In addition to the deputies and senators of the National Party, Colorado Party, Open Cabildo, Independent Party and People’s Party, the presence of the Minister of Education and Culture (MEC), Pablo da Silveira and the president of the Central Board of Directors ( Codicen), Robert Silva, and other members of the body, for the purpose of analyzing various points.

The preparations that the education authorities carry out, the modifications to the study plans, the teaching modality, the format to be applied in the evaluation and repetition and in the qualification of teachers, among many other points.

It should be noted that this meeting takes place only six days after the program was delivered to the members of the sector, according to what Silva said last Wednesday at a press conference. The same will be discussed in the Teaching Technical Assemblies (ATD) on Wednesday, November 9 and Thursday, November 10.

It is also worth remembering that this meeting between the Executive Branch, legislators and education authorities is being held three days after the Coordination of Teaching Unions, through the members of the unions, withdrew from a meeting held last Friday 28 with the education authorities at the headquarters of the ANEP Central Board of Directors.

Regarding the withdrawal of the representatives of the unions, Robert Silva expressed days ago that “We express our willingness to negotiate but that the training for teachers has to continue,” he said. The hierarch added that there was no dialogue about the choice of hours for more than three years for Secondary and UTU teachers because the members of the unions withdrew. The education authorities asked the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for an urgent meeting of a tripartite nature, in order to resolve the format in which the dialogue and negotiations will continue.

“The request is that beyond the traditional criticism of mercantilism, of subordination to the world of work, of privatization, of what we have heard for so many decades, our request is that proposals come that reflect alternative paths to the one we are developing,” said the president of Codicen about the call to the Teaching Technical Assemblies.

«The programs were delivered and will begin to be discussed in the Codicen session. When they are made public, we will be able to demonstrate innovation and curricular change”, the head of the ANEP valued days ago before the media. He added that “the program was prepared by 100 teachers and that it is preliminary”, given that it will be able to receive contributions.

Another of the things expressed by Robert Silva was that an open consultation will be carried out, “not only to people from education, but to social referents”, so that they “opine on the education programs.”

Awareness course for teachers within the framework of the Comprehensive Curriculum Transformation

For its part, today Monday 31 begins the first awareness course for teachers within the framework of the Comprehensive Curriculum Transformation.

The Central Board of Directors, by Resolution No. 2494/022 dated October 12 of the current year, approved the holding of the first awareness course for teachers within the framework of the Comprehensive Curriculum Transformation. From the date, the initiative is for teachers of educational centers of the public system that work at the levels where the Comprehensive Curriculum Transformation (TCI) begins to be implemented, which is initial, 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8 ° and 9 °.

Meanwhile, from Friday, November 18, it is for all teachers of public educational centers without distinction of grades. Meanwhile, for private students, the course begins on December 6.

Within this framework, the calendar for carrying out the aforementioned activity is reported, which can be carried out from today until February 28, 2023. It is a first instance, which will be completed in the future by situated training and by other forms which will be developed by the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP).

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