Garbage is piling up in Santo Domingo Este

Garbage is piling up in Santo Domingo Este

In the town Santo Domingo East large clusters of trash that the Christmas, New Year and Epiphany festivities have left, which worries its residents.

Although the problem is not unique to these demarcations, the most critical situation is registered in the Villa Duarte, Los Mameyes and the Isabelita expansion sectors belonging to the number one district of the municipality.

The problem does not escape emblematic areas such as the streets that surround the Columbus Lighthouse, which have so much debris that they occupy part of their lanes and hinder traffic, by obstructing part of the roads.

This is the case of Avenida Iberoamericana, Estados Unidos and Avenida del Faro, among others in the area.

Likewise, points on Avenida España, Avenida 25 de Febrero and Calle Real, Olegario Vargas and Jacinto de los Santos have improvised landfills.

Residents in those sectors said that the garbage collection trucks trash They have more than a week without going to pick it up.

They asked the mayor of Santo Domingo EastManuel Jiménez, come to his aid for fear of disease outbreaks.

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