Firefighters carry out fire-fighting

Firefighters carry out fire-fighting

Firefighters reports that the lack of rain added to the high temperatures has caused a level of risk of forest fires “very high”.

fire situation

Tuesday, 01/10/2023 – time 08:00

1) Start time: 17:15 on 01/07/23

Forest fire in North Salinas

Yesterday the fire developed again, spreading with violent flames, around 10:50 p.m. it was managed to control it, with a risk to houses and a vineyard, work is being done to extinguish sources and cool hot spots.

2) 03:35* Morlan Pass, Route 54, Bha Stones.

Fire in the bush, with violent propagation.

Detachments from Rosario, Cardona, Tarariras, the SPF helitransported Brigade and personnel from the Forestry Company worked.

Checked. It works.

3) Time 12:00 – Forest Fire in Laguna del Sauce, Maldonado, which affects low and medium vegetation, inside eucalyptus regrowth and a native forest, near the Lagoon.

Firefighters from the detachments in the area, a helicopter transported team from FAU and machinery from the Maldonado Municipality are working. Controlled fire, 15 hectares affected. Work continues.

There are no nearby homes.

There are no people injured.

4) Time: 13:45 – Field fire on Camino El Duraznito JE Rodó, Soriano, Las Acacias Establishment.

Fire in the field, work had to be done with the support of the SPF helitransported Brigade, affecting 20 hectares.

5) 2:45 p.m. – Minas Municipal Landfill, Lavalleja.

controlled fire.

6) 15:05 – Route 12 Km 319, Villa Rosario Lavalleja.

Fire at the foot of the Eucaliptus mountain, was extinguished, affecting 3ha, 14 shafts and fence posts, and a cattle wharf.

7) Hour 16:00 – Route 107 km 2, near Sauce

Fire inside the eucalyptus forest, which was controlled at 10:00 p.m., they are working to extinguish hot spots, at 01:40 a.m., extinction is achieved and tours are carried out.

20 ha affected.

8) 18:15 – Fire in Tacuarembó

A bulldozer machine and surrounding sectors of harlots and pruning remains of up to 1ha caught fire. fire extinguished

9) 19:12 – José E. Rodó and Juan Russi, La Paz, Canelones.

Uncontrolled fire inside the eucalyptus forest, close to the La Paz sports center, at times spread with a front of more than 600m.

Detachment from Las Piedras and a Forestry Brigade worked. At 20:45 it was managed to control.

10) 19:20 – Silvera Blade, Lavalleja

Fire inside the eucalyptus forest, affecting 5,000m2 and more than 20 shafts and wire posts.

Fire extinguished.

11) 21:19 – Route 11 Km 104, Canelones

Violent and widespread fire, in a 200m2 shed with imminent spread to another shed with bales of fodder and to a farm.

Crews from 3 detachments and a forest brigade worked.

By 06:30 the fire was brought under control and the spread stopped.

Firefighters carry out fire-fighting

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