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Garbage dumps abound in streets of neighborhoods of the capital

Santo Domingo.-The deposit of trash in the streets of many sectors of the National District, the Dominican capital, constitutes a threat to the health of the locals, according to residents of capital neighborhoods, where improvised landfills are observed on the roads.

The dumpsters they abound in the streets of Ensanche La Fe, Villa Juana, Simón Bolívar, Gualey, Guachupita, Ensanche Espaillat, María Auxiliadora, Cristo Rey and Villa Consuelo, all north of the city.

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“These landfills are a problem here in this part of Villa Juana, because many times the garbage trucks pass by and soon someone comes and throws a lot of garbage, and it is as if it was not collected. I think they should put police so they can’t throw waste,” said mechanic José Ferrer.

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The largest number of landfills can be seen on Oscar Santana Street, which joins the Gualey and Guachupita sectors, two places where public services are scarce, according to its residents.

«Here in the Oscar Santana there is always a lot of garbage, because everyone comes to this street to throw their waste. They come from Los Guandules and other areas, because they know that nothing is happening,” said a Gualey coffee shop owner.

Some consider that these dumps may represent a threat to the health of those who live in these communities of the National District.

They blamed the authorities of the Mayor’s Office of the National District (ADN) for allowing many people to throw waste on the roads, in violation of municipal regulations.

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