Gabriel López has been imprisoned for two months in "El Chipote", he will be tried instead of his mother

Gabriel López has been imprisoned for two months in “El Chipote”, he will be tried instead of his mother

Gabriel López del Carmen celebrates this Monday, November 14, two months of being detained in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), known as “El Chipote”, recalled his mother, the activist and member of the Renewing Democratic Union (Let’s unite), Andrea Margarita del Carmen Ibarra.

López del Carmen is part of a group of nine people who were captured by the regime’s Police in the first weeks of September. Said arrests were directed against relatives of opponents who were not in Nicaragua and their relatives were taken hostage to that they be delivered

Gabriel López del Carmen, 34, is a young man who lives in Matagalpa, but was detained at his mother’s house in Managua when he came to take care of his maternal grandmother for a few days.

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«Today marks two months of the arrest of my son Gabriel, captured as a hostage, and who will be tried in my place next December. He is alien to the world of politics. His two young children are left unprotected due to the desire for revenge of the #LibertadYA regime, “denounced her mother Andrea Margarita del Carmen Ibarra on her Twitter account.

The crimes they are accused of

The young man was presented before the Sixth Judge of the Criminal Court District of Managua, Judge Rolando Salvador Sanarrusia Munguía, who admitted the accusation presented by the Public Ministry against López del Carmen and sent him to preventive detention.

The justice of the regime accuses him of violating Law 1042, the Special Cybercrime Law and Law 1050, the Sovereignty Law, two legal instruments used to repress, imprison and silence dissident voices and critics of the Ortega Murillo regime. The alleged victims of the crimes that he is accused of are the State and Nicaraguan society.

Mother and son are accused of undermining national integrity, an accusation that the member of Unamos assures is due to the prohibition that exists in the country to express themselves, use freedom of speech and organize. “Three things that are contemplated in the Constitution and are citizen rights,” said the opponent in an interview with the program Tonight after the capture and accusation of the Ortega Murillo regime against his son.

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