From social networks to the polls: "bottle caps" looking for sympathy on the internet

From social networks to the polls: "bottle caps" looking for sympathy on the internet

“She wants to show herself as that woman with leadership, with the ability to lead a country. She shows the results at the head of the city, in the environment, in human rights, that in the construction of the most rational character, while emotionally she shows herself as a capable woman, who reads, who plays the guitar, she even introduced us to to the boyfriend, he told us the story of a guitar”, says José Manuel Urquijo.

The head of government has 2.2 million followers on Twitter and 1 million followers on Facebook.

Monreal, the ‘rebel’

Although he is not among the president’s ‘corcholatas’, the coordinator of the Morena senators Ricardo Monreal has also chosen to gain ground and sympathy on social networks.

On the platforms he has wanted to position himself as “the rebel” and has chosen to spread images such as the one alluding to the film The Matrix, but which he titled Monrix, in which he said “I come from the real world and polls are a worn out method”, to reject the election of Morena’s candidate through that method. Days later, she also released her own rap in which she narrates his career and interest in reaching the Presidency of the Republic.

“Hello, I am Ricardo, a senator with a Ph.D., progress is my goal and I am always your ally. I am on the left, but that is not my support, it is my dedication and the work done, ”says one part of the rap.

“In his networks we see him with his rebellion. He tries to position himself as close to the president, but as the rebel of the group, the one who does not give up impositions, and who has legitimacy after having been governor and who has his own leadership, ”adds the expert on the senator who has 500,000 Twitter followers.

Adam Augustus, in the traditional style

Of the three ‘corcholatas’ best positioned in the polls, Adán Augusto López is the most backward in the use of social networks. The Secretary of the Interior uses them clearly to publicize his work at the forefront of the country’s internal politics to the 85,000 followers he has on Facebook.

“There is no strategy for him to position his attributes, the use of his networks goes beyond making the person known, the politician is made known,” he says.

What yes, is that López Hernández has alternative networks that are pushing his candidacy such as “I’m going with Adán”, “Let’s go with Adán!”, which spread messages in favor of the also licensed governor of Tabasco.

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