From Florida to Qatar: a sheikh will start his breeding program with Uruguayan Arabians

From Florida to Qatar: a sheikh will start his breeding program with Uruguayan Arabians

One of the brothers of the Emir of Qatar, a 21-year-old sheikh bought 10 mares and a foal from the Las Rosas stud farmto carry out their breeding program and develop animals of the Arabian breed for exhibition, informed The Observer Olivia Strauch, member of the stud farm.

The sheikh has been following the work of the Florida firm for some time. “I was surprised, because I knew the mares quite a bit, He was an admirer of the Las Rosas breeding because of the results he had seen worldwide”, said Strauch, who met the young man some time ago at an exhibition, and who advised him along with the Las Rosas team.

Guntran Von Habsburg, director of the stud farm, told The Observer that “It is incredible to have achieved this sale to the Middle East, which is recognition of the work that is done in Las Rosas“.

The haras works with a large investment, although, compared to the world level, “it is an ant job,” he commented, adding that those who visit Las Rosas highlight the great work done and the “exceptional” results in the quality of the animals.

As he mentioned, completing this deal “brings out the know how that Olivia has from the genetics of Arabian horses and my mother’s (Laetitia d’Arenberg) vision of wanting to reach the highest level in the world”. The development of the breed has been given in this firm by the passion de Laetitia for Arabian horses, which was born in the 1970s, he said, “That passion reached this point, to have a stud farm that competes in the world,” he added.

luxury market

Laetitia, with her mentality as a good breeder, for many years was concerned with keeping the best mothers, which allowed Las Rosas to reach today’s level. She was never very convinced of this decision (the sale), and with Roberto Serventi, the director of Estancia Las Rosas, we now have the commitment and responsibility to show her that there are Arab horses from Las Rosas for a while”, he commented.

The animals were not for sale, but given the interest of the young Qatari, the breeders reached an agreement. Asked about the value of animals, Strauch said that were valued at a “million dollar figure”while he preferred not to disclose the exact amount.

“The market we access with Las Rosas is luxurious, like a work of art. This is something very select that is given to us after working for 20 uninterrupted years with the support of Laetitia. And with a very clear focus on where we wanted to go, ”she said.

The breeder also highlighted that Uruguayan climatic conditions favor a lot to achieve the development of the breed and to achieve this type of business initiatives.

Uruguay has the best conditions in the world for horse breeding, but to compete against the best you have to take them as a reference and learn from them. It is a very long and difficult process, but it is possible, ”he indicated.

Von Habsburg, stressed that In Las Rosas, animal welfare is one of the most important aspects of breeding.

One of the mares that was sold is the mother of LR Solo Mio, Las Rosas foalwho recently won the silver medal at the World Arabian Horse Championships in Paris.

protocol ready

This is not the first time that Las Rosas has exported horses. The haras has already sold copies to Europe and some Arab countries, but yes it is the first time exporting to Qatar.

Strauch explained that because The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, will give the Emir of Qatar a Criolla mare, called Murta LIin July of this year, Uruguay and Qatar bilaterally developed an export health protocolwhich until now there was not, said the breeder.

The mares and foal will travel by plane in 2023. They will be accompanied by people who will give them food and water during the trip.

Generally these trips are made in cargo planes, explained Strauch, who commented that it is likely that for this business the sheikh sent a private plane to take the horses to Doha.

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