Francisco Morales Bermúdez, former president sentenced to life imprisonment by Italian justice, died

Francisco Morales Bermúdez, former president sentenced to life imprisonment by Italian justice, died

Former Peruvian President Francisco Morales Bermúdez died on the night of Thursday, July 14 at the age of 100, according to former Popular Action congressman Otto Guibovich.

“Last night, very late, General Francisco Morales Bermúdez Cerrutti, former Commander General of the Army and also President of Peru, passed away”detailed in statements to RPP this Friday.

The former president held the position of president from August 29, 1975 to July 28, 1980, ending the military dictatorship started by Juan Velasco Alvarado and before the elections won by Fernando Belaunde Terry.

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It should be remembered that the Supreme Court of Italy confirmed in February of this year the life sentence against Francisco Morales Bermúdez for the disappearance of Italian citizens in the so-called Condor Plan that several Latin American dictatorships applied between the 70s and 80s.

The Italian justice thus rejected the request that was made to annul the sentences in the first and second degree to Morales Bermúdez, who turned one hundred years old in October and who, like almost all the accused, was prosecuted without appearing before the magistrates of that country.

Italy began to investigate two decades ago the murder and disappearance of Italian-Latin Americans in the Condor Plan and in 2007 requested the arrest of a total of 146 military members of the de facto government systems that were once in force in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

According to sources from Perú21, at the request of Morales Bermudez himself, his wake will take place this Friday at the San Felipe Apóstol de San Isidro Parish, located on the first block of Calle Marconi, at approximately 2:00 p.m. On Saturday he would be transferred to the General Army Headquarters, for the Funeral Honors, continuation of the Wake, Mass of body present and later transfer to the Jardines de la Paz Cemetery in Lurín.


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