Former President Leonel Fernández heads the FP press conference where an evaluation of the two years of President Luis Abinader's government was made

FP considers the speech “disappointing”

The Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party today considered “disappointing” the speech given last night by President Luis Abinader, whom he accused of breaking campaign promises and heading a government that, in the last two years, has limited itself to making grandiose announcements and exaggerate few accomplishments.

During a press conference headed by its president, Leonel Fernández Reyna, the organization assured that the Government promised 223 works in the national territory, with a projected investment of RD$452,000 million, but that as of the 5th of this month, construction expenses only amount to to RD$RD$13,468 million, less than 3% of those promised.

He said that the government promised to build 62,000 houses, 28,000 of which would be built in its first two years.

Former President Leonel Fernández heads the FP press conference where an evaluation of the two years of President Luis Abinader’s government was made

He indicated that, however, it has only delivered 215 homes, of which 120 were built in the Los Alcarrizos sector and 95 in the municipality of Azua.

“The list of unfulfilled works is long,” said the VET and he cited as an example the Ámbar highway, which covers the Santiago-Puerto Plata section that would have been promised on the first day of government.

“Another disappointing case is that related to the Pedernales tourist area. 3,000 rooms were promised with 6 new hotels, airport infrastructure, cruise port, highways and other services. Two years later, however, in Pedernales there have only been stings and announcements,” said Fuerza del Pueblo.

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“The rise in the population’s daily consumption products is even more worrying. This is the case, for example, of cooking oil, which has increased by more than 80%; of rice by more than 40%; of the chicken in more than 50%; of eggs by 40% and of sugar by 75% ”, expresses the opposition organization, in its balance of the two years of Abinader’s management.

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