Executive Branch and National Defense analyze change in legislation so that citizens can access State archives

Executive Branch and National Defense analyze change in legislation so that citizens can access State archives

President Luis Lacalle Pou met with the Minister of National Defense, Javier García, and there they discussed various issues, among which were the increase in the military, the independent report requested by the Senate on Human Rights and access to archives. of the State by the Citizenship.

Speaking at a press conference, García answered this Wednesday the 17th at the Executive Tower about the independent report requested by the Senate of the Republic, which reveals “a lack of State policies in the search for the disappeared.” In this regard, he said that “I read the report, it is from a foreign consultant who was hired. It really surprised me because I saw it as very lacking in objectivity, and it also seems very irrational to me that everything that has been done is not taken into account.”

“For everything that has been done, it is the government that has responded the most in requests for access to information, courts of honor, everything regarding the human rights issue. There is no other government that has done it in such a short time. On one hand that. And at the same time that it has had a transparency that it has had in terms of files. The only files that immediately after contact was made, military files, were published so that all Uruguayans who wanted to could access them, were the files that we found, that the National Army provided us with last year,” García explained to the media.

García recalled that this documentation was delivered to the organization of Mothers and Relatives of Disappeared Detainees and to the National Human Rights Institution, and that they were later published on the website of the Presidency of the Republic. Along these lines, he pointed out that he discussed with President Luis Lacalle Pou a possible change in the legislation so that any citizen in the country can have access to the archives that the State has, the so-called Berrutti archives. “Except for a group of people who agreed to it, and except for a partial publication made by the Brecha Weekly, no Uruguayan has access, unless someone makes a request for access to information. And the question I ask is, isn’t transparency better? Garcia said.

The meeting also reported that, for the third time, the Government included in the Budget Law and in the Rendering of Accounts incremental and additional items for members of the Armed Forces with lower salaries. In this way, the military began a salary recovery that had been postponed, he indicated.

The chief described as very positive the salary increases planned for military personnel, which will reach junior officials and the first ranks of officers. To the 520 million pesos earmarked for this purpose by the Executive Power, the Chamber of Deputies added another 400 million pesos more, he explained.

The minister recalled that 2022 is the third consecutive year in which incremental items are provided for the Armed Forces, after the 2020 Budget Law, the Accountability of the same year and that of 2021 included provisions that formalized these items.

The increases will be sustainable beyond the current presidential mandate, continued the hierarch, according to the Presidency of the Republic. “They are the public servants furthest behind in salary terms,” he indicated. Likewise, he appreciated that the soldiers are available to the Government to carry out various tasks, including prison and border surveillance, support in the event of climatic phenomena such as floods and tornadoes, as well as caring for homeless people.

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