Fourth edition of the Fund for the Promotion of Cuban Cinema readjusts dates of its calendar

The Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (Icaic) reported on the Cubacine portal that 32 projects were registered for this stage, of which thirty are in development and two are in post-production. Their results will be published on October 18.

Until September 23, the materials will be subject to evaluation by a Selection Committee, together with the technical group, the Artistic Creation department and the ICAIC presidency, while the deliberation meetings and the stage of pitching They will take place between October 4 and 14.

With the creation of the Fund in 2020, Cuban filmography experienced an increase in the number of projects and in the diversity of filmmakers, which promoted the development of the so-called seventh art. In the first calls, 167 projects were presented. Of these, more than 50 benefited from the various forms of production promoted by the Icaic in the modalities of script writing, development, production and post-production of feature films, the making of short films and debut films, among others.

Throughout this journey, the prevalence of works written, directed or produced by women, the presentation of pieces by young people, as well as the support from co-producers, distributors, an international technical team and awards at festivals, programs and international funds.

In correspondence with Agreement 8613 of the Council of Ministers of June 14, 2019 and Decree Law 373/2019 of the Independent Audiovisual and Cinematographic Creator, the Fund supports film production with the delivery of financial resources to artists registered in the Registry of the Creator and recognized independent Collectives.

For its part, the Icaic Production Attention Office supported fifty independent artists or audiovisual creation groups with financing and permits to develop their films.

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