Morenistas document irregularities to challenge the internal election

Morenistas document irregularities to challenge the internal election

The academic and militant of Morena, John Ackerman, who together with the former secretary of Public Function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, make up the National Convention of Morena (CNM), carried out the “raccoon hunting” brigades and documented dozens of anomalies.

This is because since before the election day this weekend, that organization questioned the indiscriminate opening of the process to people outside Morena so that they could vote in the internal process, with which the entire process would have been vitiated.

On his social networks, Ackerman shared a format to denounce the alleged irregularities and thus “avoid electoral fraud in the district assemblies of July 30 and 31,” according to what is read on the page to present the complaints.

“Enormous disappointment, we are gathering an impressive amount of evidence,” wrote the university academic on his social networks, because, he said, “photographs and videos are raining down on us” of the irregularities.

Focused anomalies, says leader

However, the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, minimized the anomalies. As he reported, a total of 3 million people would have voted in a “plural and transparent democratic process,” but he acknowledged that there are irregularities, which will be investigated in order to cancel voting in some districts if necessary.

On Saturday, activities were only canceled in 11 voting centers and -he assured- due to “incidents caused by people outside our movement.”

That day they would have voted between 1.5 and 2 million people in 20 entities where 345 voting centers were installed, according to their data.

This Sunday, 197 voting centers were installed in 12 entities and it was expected that between 900,000 and one million people would vote, despite the fact that one of the states that went to the polls today is the state of Mexico, the one with the highest number from across the country, Delgado reported.

the evidence

Among the most serious anomalies that were documented was the alleged involvement of public officials.

In the call shared by Ackerman, the cases in which members of Morena should report are specified:

-Distribution of propaganda or any document with indications to vote in favor of a candidate.

-Attacks or slander against any candidate.

-The offer of money or any gift to voters.

-Exercising pressure or threatening voters.

-The transportation (carrying) of voters on the day of the district assemblies.

-The intervention of any official or employee of the state or federal governments at any time in the process of preparing and conducting the district assemblies.

-Voting without being duly accredited or voting on more than one occasion.

-Violation of voting secrecy.

-Irregularities in the counting and processing of votes by polling officials.

Dozens of videos circulated on social networks of Morena militants about the anomalies, and all recorded by the Morena members themselves.

The most widespread complaint was perhaps the hauling of people, with or without a promise of payment or gifts, and to favor one of the candidates.

In each of the 300 districts there were 400 flag bearers, but only to elect 10 district coordinators, half men and half women, who will simultaneously hold the positions of state councilors, state and national congressmen.

In some cases it was also accused that the ballots used by the party lacked a folio. It was also denounced that the names of the people who had to be written on the ballots were on the distributed papers. In addition, supposed private meetings were pointed out to indicate who to vote for. The cases were aired in videos that circulated on social networks.

Huge lines of citizens were also reflected in them to vote in the Morena inmates, many of them presumably transferred to the polls.



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