Former Cuban world boxing champion deserts in Guayaquil

Kevin Brown was part of the Cuban boxing delegation that competes in the continental tournament of the discipline that takes place in Ecuador.

HAVANA. Cuba began on Thursday (March 24, 2022) its participation in the Continental Boxing Championship in Guayaquilwithout the presence of the World Cup Kevin Brownwho left the delegation by surprise.

The boxerjunior world champion in 2012, left the island delegation upon arrival at the tournament venue, as confirmed by the official press, which described the desertion as a “disloyal attack on the commitment assumed with the team”.

The flight from Brown, which was going to compete with 67 kilos, began to circulate in the independent press from Wednesday afternoon (March 23). The first versions indicated that she had left the delegation behind during her stopover in Panama.

Brown He was part of the national team during the world championships in Belgrade last year, where he was one step away from competing for the bronze medal.

This last case adds to a long list of defections. On March 10, it was announced that the long jumper Lester Lescay Gay, youth Olympic champion in 2018, left the island’s athletics delegation during a tour of Europe.

In addition, in February the National Canoeing Commission (CNC) announced that Fernando Dayán Jorge, Olympic gold medalist in canoeing in Tokyo 2020, defected of the delegation with which he was going to train in Mexico.

The abandonment of figures like Dayán Jorge, Lescay Gay and now Brown joins the trickle of young baseball players who have left the island in recent years with their sights set on the United States Major Leagues.

The island government itself admits that the figure is important. According to the official newspaper «Workers», a total of 635 baseball players have left the country in the last six years (the figure includes departures with and without permission from the State). EFE


Increases the exodus of Cubans

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