Carriers, Corte-Gertz Manero and inauguration of the AIFA in #LaSemanaResumida

Carriers, Corte-Gertz Manero and inauguration of the AIFA in #LaSemanaResumida

What if Central Avionera… what if The people’s work. Mne. Neither so much that it burns the saint nor so much that it does not overwhelm him.

That yes, the president inaugurated his Airport and is happy, happy, happy. Except for that little detail. And although it seems like a joke for Markito and Alito –the little opponents– the PRIAN governors were also very good; they were more morenistas than several morenistas. Even Noroña was less loved…

The truth is that the horizon is dark for the Airport. With everything and that it is one of the main infrastructure works of the president.

From this terminal it is planned that four airlines will operate to six national destinations and one international one.

However, for many journalists, getting to the inauguration was an ordeal: half-built roads, traffic, poor signage… Well, even the oldest cheerleader took three hours to walk…

And not to mention the transportation costs to “land” in Santa Lucía… Of course, hatred and polarization brought out the worst classism and racism. That of the opposition against Leti, the seller of huaraches, not tlayudas, based on corn toast…

And the one about the Chilango brunettes who were stuck in the non-tlayudas so you wouldn’t see how their police evict Otomi vendors from the Zócalo…

Pears or apples, the AIFA was inaugurated. It remains to be seen if it works, operates and provides services efficiently and competitively. And if it will be a complement or a mere hindrance for the current Mexico City Airport.


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Publisher’s note: The opinions expressed in this video only represent who expresses them.

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