"I want it to be the same as La Valdiri": 'Epa Colombia' underwent a new cosmetic surgery

“I want it to be the same as La Valdiri”: ‘Epa Colombia’ underwent a new cosmetic surgery

Epa Colombia and Andrea Valdiri.

To the increase of breasts, lips and chin profiling, the keratin businesswoman added a new surgery.

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Daneidy Barrera, better known as “Epa Colombia”, announced to her followers that she underwent cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her buttocks.

The aesthetic procedure cost her around 12 million pesos, but she assures that she did not pay “a single peso” since she exchanged it with an advertisement.

"I want it to be the same as La Valdiri": 'Epa Colombia' underwent a new cosmetic surgery
‘Epa Colombia’ and Andrea Valdiri.

‘Epa’ wants the result of her surgery to be the same as that of Andrea Valdiri’s tail, a content generator from Barranquilla.

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«I did not have hips, they are already creating them for me like those of Yailin ‘the most viral’ (Anuel AA’s girlfriend). I’m going to be prettier, I don’t have a purple tail, there I put 12 million, “she said.

Epa Colombia
‘Epa Colombia’, influencer.

“The change was seen, now they do compact my breasts with the tail, do you remember that they didn’t before? I looked bad,” he added.

It should be noted that a couple of days ago, Daneidy Barrera had assured that no more cosmetic procedures would be performed on her body. However, she changed her mind.

The last ones had been augmentation of breasts, lips and chin profiling.

Here are their statements:

Cover photo: @andreavaldiri

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