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For “statutory breaches” the MEC intervened in Villa Española

The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) decided to intervene in the sports club Spanish Village and displacing the current authorities for six months due to “statutory breaches” by the leadership.

According to a June 21 resolution signed by the portfolio holder, Pablo da Silveira, the procedure originated from a complaint by team members.

Among the breaches of the statute denounced are the departure from resolutions of assemblies; vices at the time of summoning them and making them; the failure to hold elections; the holding of political demonstrations and the non-existence of a fiscal commission.

According to the resolution, the National Directorate of Constitutional and Legal Affairs concluded that there were “statutory breaches of all kinds and entities.” They also state that some of these can be classified as “serious”.

According to the MEC, from the club there were no “adequate explanations” about the statutory breaches. Nor were “concrete actions to be adopted to try to amend them” indicated.

The portfolio decided to appoint Leandro Iglesias to lead the intervention, which aims at various objectives. The MEC proposes that a regularization of the club’s social networks be carried out, as well as its public manifestations. It will also call for new elections, after purging the social register.

Vindication or proselytism

The actions of the leadership of Villa Española under the presidency of Miguel Romero is questioned from a political perspective. The team, which currently lives in the second division (where it is second to last) is criticized for taking positions that some defend as social claims and demands and others criticize criticized as political proselytism.

Messages such as “Never Again” or players who showed messages in favor of “Yes” in the referendum against the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) when celebrating a goal and the promotion of these slogans on the team’s social networks, or through official products of the same, they generate rispideces between the members and followers of the club.

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