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Florida installed containers to avoid open-air dumps

Florida installed containers to avoid open-air dumps

The department of Florida will collect the waste once or twice a week. “This system has made it possible to lower, in the vast majority, the number of circuits that our collector makes, optimizing resources. All that waste that is collected in those locations ends up in Florida Floida finished installing containers throughout the department, which will allow it to eliminate open-air dumps

In total there are 6,192 120-liter household containers and 557 community containers that the Municipality has installed in different parts of Florida, becoming the first department to use 100% of the containers to deposit waste.

The Florida City Hall completed the 100% container plan, which will allow the department to be the first to close open-air dumps in different cities, such as Nico Pérez, Cerro Chato, Cerro Colorado, Capilla de Sauce, Casupá and Sarandí Grande.

Along these lines, a household solid urban waste management program has been developed that is presented in two formats: community container plan for cities and family household containers for smaller towns. In this sense, in these months the objective has been reached and a total of 6,192 120-liter household containers and 557 community containers have been placed.

“The departmental collection plan provided for gradually closing the open-air dumps that were in different parts of the department and moving all household waste to the encapsulation plant that is in the city of Florida, so that it degrades prior to a separation of plastic, glass and other materials that can be reused”, explained Facundo Urban, General Director of Works of the Florida Municipality.

On the other hand, on the axis of Route 6 and Route 7, which covers some 18 locations, residential containers were installed. “Each person has a 120-liter container with a lid at home that was given to the census, that is, to each home and with a responsible person,” Urban said.

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