Crispiano Adames could join forces with Pedro Miguel Gonzáles

The pre-candidate for the presidency for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Crispiano Adames assured that he would be “extremely pleased to receive and share with comrade Pedro Miguel González the possibility of leading the PRD and the country,” responding to a question asked by one of those attending the conversation that he held with bases from that sector of Azuero, in Ocú.

“Pedro Miguel is an excellent party comrade, son of Gerardo González Vernaza, founder of the PRD and who walked with Omar Torrijos throughout the country,” said the candidate.

He added that “it is up to you to decide so that together we can make that happen.”

“Indistinctly whether the friend remains or not, without a doubt, it will be part of what we can do with all those who are here,” Adames specified.

Last April, Pedro Miguel González, also a pre-candidate for the presidency, did not rule out forming an alliance with Adames and said that it would be necessary to evaluate who has the best chance of winning the primaries on June 11.

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