Cuban actor voices the crab Sebastián in version of “The Little Mermaid”

the cuban actor Rone Reinoso gave voice to one of the most likeable characters in The little Mermaid: Sebastian the crab. At least, that’s how we remember him in the animated version made by Disney in 1989, and it should be verified now on the tape live action of the company.

Meanwhile, “grateful and happy to be able to put my voice to this character who has always made me smile so much. I hope you enjoy Sebastián ”, wrote the actor, based in Spain, from his Instagram account.

The film gave him the opportunity to interpret the famous song “Under the Sea”, one of the best known from the 1989 film. The musical direction was by Miguel Antelo.

In this way, Reinoso assumes the work that, for the film directed by Rob Marshall and starring Halle Bailey, the American rapper and singer Daveed Diggs has also done. Some netizens already compare his interpretation with the Latin version, and highlight his superiority.

For this dubbing of the film that will circulate in Spain, Ariel has the voice of the singer Mirela Cabero, an artist born in Aranjuez, in 1990, and known for her participation in Eurovision, according to the site Cinemania. “Thank you Ariel for choosing me… I am nothing without my voice either,” the singer wrote in their networks.

Reinoso was born in Havana and studied at the National School of Art (ENA) before graduating from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), according to the biography available in the place stage.

He was linked to the main theater companies on the island, dabbling in the musical “Los Cuentos del Decameron” by the company El Público.

He has been part of the cast in the works “The Cherry Garden”, “As You Like It”, “The Merchant of Venice”, “The Infinite Banquet”, “Forests”, “Ajax and Cassandra”, “Two poor Romanian who They spoke Polish”, “La Pandilla” and “El dorado”.

On television he was in the youth series Zoo and of loves and hopesas well as in the soap opera Shared beats.

In addition, this biography points out, he had the opportunity to work in the cinema with the film Ceiling and the French co-production by Laurent Cantet, Return to Ithacathe version of The novel of my life of Leonardo Padura.

A story that is not by Abelardo Castillo

In 2015, according to Stage, Reinoso formed his own musical group “Mambi Cafe” of which he was the lead vocals and lead guitarist until he arrived in Spain, where he resides.

The new version of The little Mermaid, by Disney, was released on May 26 in the United States, Canada and Spain. It is based on a classic story by Hans Christian Andersen.

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