Firm from which gold was withheld was still operating in 2021

Firm from which gold was withheld was still operating in 2021

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The Goldshine company that was observed and the export of 331 kilos of gold was withheld in 2020, was still operating in the country until last year, according to the investigation by Senators Cecilia Requena and Nelly Gallo, from Comunidad Ciudadana (CC).

This follows from a report sent on August 18, 2021 by the executive director of the National Mineral Marketing Registration Service (Senarecom), Mauricio Mamani Coro, to a tax requirement and in which the company’s operations are recorded.

In it, it states: “… the database of the Sinacom system was reviewed, attached in magnetic format (CD), detail table with preliminary information of records with the character of DDJJ of Form M-02 (Internal Trade), corresponding to the seller Goldshine SRL , periods 2020 to July 2021: – Forms with VALIDATED status: 318 records (Form M-02); Forms with status REJECTED: 62 records (Form M-02); Form with PENDING status: 6 records (Form M-02); Forms with status OBSERVED: 1 record (Form M-02)”.

On December 22, 2020, it became known that the company Goldshine SRL was trying to export mineral resources in an irregular manner, for which 16 gold bars (331 kg) were seized, according to the data in the log book. research.

This fact initiated the investigations against the authors for the alleged commission of the crimes of illegal sale or purchase of mineral resources and ideological falsehood, among others.

To date, the whereabouts of the gold that supposedly came out with other papers is unknown.

In February 2021, the return of the 331 kilos was authorized and Amit Dixit, a representative of Goldshine, was appointed as the depositary of the gold.

After meetings held in September 2021 with the departmental secretary of Mining, CC legislators were able to learn that Dixit “has an easy time entering and leaving the country.”

Both Requena and Gallo demand answers about the whereabouts of the gold and since last year they have presented requests for a written report and neither the Ministry of Mining nor Senarecom wanted to provide information. An oral report from the Minister of Mining, Ramiro Villavicencio, was scheduled for January 27, but without any justification it was postponed until February 24.

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