Find out about other important news of this #4Jun

Find out about other important news that you cannot stop reading and that mark the day of this Sunday, June 4, 2023

Government imposes Order “Lake Maracaibo” to Lupita Ferrer

Lupita Ferrer, the queen of Venezuelan soap operas, returned to her home, Venezuela, and her home state of Zulia will welcome her with all the honors this great international star deserves.

Therefore, the Governor of the state of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, will impose the Order “Lago de Maracaibo” in its First Class on the Zulia artist, Yolanda Guadalupe Ferrer Fuenmayor, better known as Lupita Ferrer, this Monday, June 5 at the Government Palace. in Maracaibo.

In this sense, the Secretary of Culture of the regional Executive, Viviana Márquez, stressed that this distinction to the actress of all time is a well-deserved tribute paid to her by her beloved land for her great national and international artistic career.

Pope Francis asked to pray for the victims of the rail accident in India

Pope Francis asked to pray for the “numerous victims” of the rail accident in India, which left 275 dead in the east of the country and more than a thousand injured, the worst rail accident of the 21st century in the Asian giant.

«I assure you of my prayers for the numerous victims of the train accident that occurred two days ago in India. I am close to the wounded and their families. May our heavenly Father welcome the souls of the deceased into his kingdom », he implored after praying the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square.

Before the assembled faithful, about 20,000 according to the Holy See, the Pope also asked for “peoples tested by the scourge of war.” “Especially to the beloved and tormented Ukraine,” he added.

Landslide in China left 14 dead and five missing

The collapse this Sunday of a part of a mountain in the vicinity of the city of Leshan, located in the Sichuan province, in southwestern China, has left at least fourteen people dead and another five missing.

The incident took place around 11 p.m. Saturday at the Lu’erping State Forestry Farm in the town of Yongsheng, Jinkouhe district, several local media reported today.

Since the collapse, more than 180 people have been mobilized and fourteen professional rescue teams have been deployed to carry out search and rescue tasks in the affected area.

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