Financial stress: 75% of workers in Peru suffer it in December

Financial stress: 75% of workers in Peru suffer it in December

The Christmas season can easily be the most expensive time of the year, where the enthusiasm for the festivities leads people to spend much more money than usual and, in many cases, run up some sort of debt. This, added to the fact that close to 75% of workers in Peru suffer from financial stress and face difficulties making ends meet or covering unforeseen expenses, makes these dates a critical season for personal finances.

Salary On Demand

Salary On Demand It is a more flexible way of accessing the payroll that is characterized by allowing employees to collect the generated part of their salary at any time of the month, privately, quickly and, depending on the service provider, free of charge. Employees do not have to wait until the end of the month to receive their salary and companies can contribute to the financial liquidity of their collaborators through this social benefit, without altering their cash flows or increasing the administrative burden.

The companies that have chosen to incorporate this service have shown an increase in the productivity of their team, a decrease in staff turnover and improvements in their ability to attract and retain talent, by having a differentiated value proposition for candidates and current ones. workers.

Offering financial well-being is an excellent way in which companies can reward their employees, in this sense, social benefits have been consolidated as one of the priorities for workers in recent years and can become a key differentiator between an offer of work and other

One of the companies that offers this benefit in the country is , the leading Spanish Fintech in On-Demand Salary that arrived in Latin America at the beginning of 2022 and already operates with thousands of users in Colombia and Peru. Unlike other providers, Payflow is characterized by being free for the employee, that is, it is the companies that purchase this service to include it in their workers’ compensation packages. The benefit has had excellent adoption in Peru and in less than 2 months after launching in the country, hundreds of workers are already enjoying this new way of collecting their salary.

In accordance with Avinash Sukhwani, Co-Founder of Payflow, in Peru “Social benefits are key for human resources teams, as the positive impact they have on companies is enormous. Being able to access the salary already earned privately and without paying any type of interest or surcharge, has been a lifesaver for many workers and their families. This financial well-being tool is changing lives and, without a doubt, it is establishing itself with great success as the best way to get paid”.

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