Fides Olympics show that we are all special: President of Fides

The closing of the edition of the Special Olympiad of Hope Fides 2022I leave as a result, the participation of 700 athletes, 350 volunteers and more than 3,000 family members who were accompanying the participants.

“This event is the first sporting event that we do at a regional face-to-face level, after having come from the regional Barranquilla carnival and the regional Cartagena Art Festival (…) little by little we are starting with the permits and opening our arms more so that there is more national and international participation”, he indicated. the president of Fides, Alejandro Escallón.

At the same time, he indicated that “these games left us with a number of lessons, of greatness, of humility, of actions of the effort of the human spirit in the head of our athletes Fides, to show that this is a union of capacities where we are all special”.

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“As we have said, in this universe of stars, we are all special (…) this is a unique lesson of effort, of union, of humility, of greatness and one falls short in words to be able to express the great feeling that this meeting of people leaves”, he expressed.

For her part, the athlete Lesli Bernal, who participated in the Olympics, indicated “I had a great time at the swimming Olympics, I won two gold medals and I thought this experience was super cool and I am ready for the Ibero-Americans”.

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