Not just Covid: the other viruses that concern pediatricians

The specialists have already announced it: this year will be one of the most complex winters in respiratory matters, not only due to the rise in infections by Covid-19, but also due to the strong presence of viruses such as the syncytial and Influenza between risk groups (children, older adults and immunocompromised people).

“Children born in a pandemic did not face the viruses that circulate in the environment and did not develop the antibodies of their age. Many of these are transferred through the placenta by the mother herself, but during the great confinement they were not exposed to respiratory viruses either (…) Now, as there is greater mobility, a little more relaxation in the use of a mask and with the children of back to school, the viral circulation has increased”, comments Loreto Twelepediatric infectologist and academic of Medicine at the U. San Sebastián.

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