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Cuban activist Saily González is invited to the Summit of the Americas

MIAMI, United States. — Cuban activist and entrepreneur Saily González Velázquez was invited to the IX Summit of the Americas, which will be held in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States.

The news was spread by the young woman herself on social networks. In this way, Saily took advantage of the occasion to deny the speech of the Castro regime, which accuses Washington of not taking the Island into account in the event.

“Cuba has indeed been invited to the IX Summit of the Americas, only that the guests are those of us who want democracy and respect all the rights of all Cubans and not those who present, as the only options, Socialism or Death” , wrote the activist in Twitter.

However, the former member of the Archipelago group was already warned by the political police that she would not be able to pick up her visa passport at the United States Embassy in Cuba.

“Yesterday I was threatened by a State Security agent who contacted my family that I would not be allowed to pick up my visa passport at the Embassy and I was summoned for a ‘meeting’ with the police for today at 8 o’clock. :00 am in their offices of Criminal Instruction”, revealed the young woman.

Saily González reports that she was received there by a State Security agent identified as Daniel, the same one who has kidnapped and physically abused her on previous occasions.

The activist showed the letter of invitation signed by the Secretariat of the Summit of the Americas and by the Organization of American States (OAS).

Letter of invitation to the Summit of the Americas (Photo: Twitter/Saily González)

The regime stays out

US government officials have told various media outlets that the Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan regimes have been banned from the Summit of the Americas for failing to respect the human rights of their citizens. However, in recent days the possibility of inviting a representative from Havana, who in no case would be the ruler, has been considered. Miguel Diaz-Canelwho this Thursday publicly assured that he would not attend the event.

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