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Feminist platform denounces escalation of regime violence against activists

MADRID, Spain.- The YoSíTeCreo platform in Cuba, defender of women’s rights, denounced the escalation of the violence of the Cuban regime against women who in one way or another are activism within the Island.

YoSíTeCreo in Cuba exposed “alarming facts of the last week, which confirm a greater escalation of repression and the disadvantage of women.”

Among these cases, the feminist platform mentioned the regulation the researcher and professor Alina Bárbara López Hernández; and the constant harassment of the activist Mel Herrera and the magazine that she directs, Subalterns.

While activists like Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia, who directly help people in vulnerable situations, have also reported arbitrariness as impediments to leaving their home.

In addition, organizations of relatives of people deprived of their liberty, made up mostly of women, denounce all kinds of harassment and arbitrary detentions. Among these organizations are Ladies in White and Cuba in Mourning – Freedom for political prisoners.

YoSíTeCreo in Cuba highlights that political prisoners continue to be the least favored by the changes in their sentences and releases. “We focused on the cases of Aimara Nieto, Lizandra Góngora, Lázara Karenia González, the Garrido sisters, Sulmira Martínez, Aniette González and Brenda Diazalthough we ask for the freedom of all people in that situation,” he said.

The platform concluded the complaint by reiterating its third call by the State of Emergency in Cuba due to Gender Violence.

This call, launched for the first time in 2021 and then in the following two years, highlights the lack of protocols and effective mechanisms for the prevention of gender-based violence in Cuba, among others.

Likewise, it refers: “The signatory projects cannot declare a State of Emergency with the resources and the scope that the state institutions could do, but we can unite to prevent and make citizen use of the little available for the protection of people in situations of gender violence”.

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