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Favelas Cup will be held again and will have a national stage

After two years without face-to-face activities because of the pandemic, the Favelas Cup returns to occupy the football fields in several cities in the country. The 2022 edition, which celebrates the tenth anniversary of the tournament, will also have the first national championship, the Taça das Favelas Brasil, Favelão 2022.Favelas Cup will be held again and will have a national stage

This week, the championship was launched in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in ceremonies that brought together authorities; big names in football, such as the former player of the Brazilian national team Cafu; of culture, such as MC Menor MR, and Raí BG.

Rio and Sao Paulo

In Rio de Janeiro, the ball will roll on the weekend of July 30th and 31st, at Campo do Realengo, which is being renovated and will become the Centro Desportivo Taça das Favelas Realengo. The grand finals are scheduled for October 8th.

The Cup will be contested by 107 teams from favelas, with 28 women’s and 79 men’s. The women’s teams have no age limit, while boys between the ages of 14 and 17 are allowed.

The 2022 São Paulo Favelas Cup will be contested between 128 teams, 32 female and 96 male. Games start on July 30th at Vila Manchester, and the grand finals will be on October 8th.

National Stage

The national stage, Favelão, is scheduled for the months of October and November. The tournament is organized by Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and produced by InFavela.

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