Minute by minute |  The Lionesses seek their third world title against the Netherlands

Minute by minute | The Lionesses seek their third world title against the Netherlands


2´25´´ Trinchinetti, firm at the bottom of Argentina; in the European team Sanne Koolen highlights

03´ 21´´ They ask the judge for an infraction by Felice Albers on an Argentine, but without result.

05¨ 58´´ The lionesses play in their field and the Netherlands tries to take advantage of the player they have in their favor due to the departure of jankunas

6´36´ Green card: Julieta Jankunas and will have 2 minutes off the field

The arrival of Las Leonas in attack that goes wide. / Photo: @SC_ESPN

10´55´´ Out Leurink Laurien for green card

12´ 58´´ Play from the right by Valentina Costa Biondi who approaches Granatto, but the ball goes outside

12´ 52´´ Eugenia Trinchinetti takes the ball from Sanne Koolen, leaving from the bottom of Argentina

13´56´´ Short corner again, after a double foot: Gorzelany tried the goal at a medium height and went wide while Josine Koning watched the shot.

14´05´´ Short corner, after a good recovery by Agustina Gorzelany, the Dutch commit an infraction


Confirmed lineups Argentina: 1- Bethlehem Succi; 2- Sofía Toccalino, 3- Agustina Gorzelany, 5- Agostina Alonso, 7- Agustina Albertario; 10- Maria Jose Granatto; 17- Rocío Sánchez (C); 18- Victoria Sauze; 21- Victoria Granatto; 22- Eugenia Trinchetti; 32- Valentina Costa Biondi
Subs: 4- Valentina Raposo; 6- Maria Forcherio; 14 Clara Barberi; 25- Jimena Cedres; 28- Juliet Jankunas; 31- Valentina Marcucci; 39- Delfina Thome. HC: Fernando Ferrara Netherlands: 3- Sanne Koolen; 6- Laurien Leurink; 8- Marloes Keetels (C); 10- Happy Albers; 12- Lidewij Welten; 15- Frederique Matla; 18- Pie Sanders; 20- Laura Nunnink; 22-Josine Koning (GK); 24- Eva de Goede; 31- Sabine Plonissen. Subs: 1- Anne Veenendaal (GK); 04- Freeke Moes; 7- Xan DeWaard; 11- Maria Verschoor; 23- Margot Van Geffen; 27- Renée Van Laarhoven; 33- Yibbi Jansen.

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