Fábricas de Cultura explore black narratives in literature in July

The diversity of black narratives in literature is the highlight of the Fábricas de Cultura libraries in July. The activities are free of charge and take place in person at the units in the South and North zones of São Paulo, in addition to Diadema and Osasco, in the Metropolitan Region, and Iguape, in Vale do Ribeira. The Fábricas de Cultura, linked to the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, are spaces with free access that offer various artistic activities. Fábricas de Cultura explore black narratives in literature in JulyFábricas de Cultura explore black narratives in literature in July

The month’s program begins at Fábrica de Cultura Brasilândia with the activity Ebony Suitcase: Tales from the African Oral Tradition that will be held on July 5 at 11 am. In the Ebony suitcase, Mariana Per carries stories of her ancestors that she met while traveling in the words of the masters she encountered. She will open this suitcase along with the audience to share the many African oral tales she has gathered. The activity will circulate through other units of the Culture Factories.

At Fábrica de Cultura Jaçanã, the library team carries out the activity De Suelis, Carolinas e Conceição: Afro-Latin Feminine Experiences on the 5th, at 2 pm. The activity, which celebrates Black, Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Day (July 25), aims to promote reflections on the trajectory of Afro-Latino women, insurgent intellectuals and academics important to Brazilian theory and literature.

Books available in the library will be used, such as Racism, Sexism and Inequality in Brazilby Sueli Carneiro, water eyesby Conceição Evaristo, Eviction Room: Diary of a Faveladaby Carolina Maria de Jesus, and Brazilian black heroines: in 15 cordelsby Jarid Arraes.

“The programming of the libraries of the Fábrica de Cultura Program seeks to work on themes that can reflect on their territory of operation and, in the month of July, they meet the month of the Black Latin American and Caribbean Woman celebrated on July 25″, highlighted the analyst. Artistic-Pedagogical of the Culture Factories Program, Andreen Fatima da Silva.

“Our teams seek to bring to spaces activities that can mobilize the public to dialogue about narratives, contributions, the existence and resistance of the black community”, he added.

Also on July 5, at 2 pm, but in Diadema, there is a Calendar of Untold Stories activity, which this month has music as its theme. The meeting will address the life and work of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the black woman who invented rock and was erased from the history of one of the greatest musical styles in the world.

At the Comics Maker workshop, the library team at Fábrica de Cultura Vila Nova Cachoeirinha will teach a little about this style of story creation, in addition to encouraging the public to make their own comics. The workshop takes place on July 6th, starting at 10 am.

There will also be space for poetry at the Capão Redondo unit. On July 6, from 2 pm to 4 pm, the library team promotes the Pop-Up and Poetry activity, which will show the process of producing this art on paper through the poetry of Mário Quintana, a Brazilian poet who would turn 116 in 2022.

‘We Women’

One of the highlights of the program takes place at the Jardim São Luís unit, where the library team promotes on July 6, at 2:30 pm, the activity ‘We Women’, which raises a discussion about representativeness, racism, machismo, femicide and lesbophobia. In the end, the participants will assemble an artistic panel on the theme to be displayed in the library.

On July 7, at 2:30 pm, there will be the Virtual Circuit for Black Narratives at the Vila Nova Cachoeirinha unit. At Fábrica de Cultura 4.0 Osasco, the focus will be on the history of black women. On July 8 at 2pm, the library team explores the book Brazilian Black Heroines in 15 Cordelsby the author Jarid Arraes, to give visibility to the stories of important Brazilian black women who stood out for their struggles in search of the liberation of black populations in Brazil and that still impact black struggles for equality and respect.

In Vale do Ribeira, Fábrica de Cultura 4.0 Iguape carries out the Mandala Terapêutica activity, a workshop that will teach how to produce this item for decoration and inspiration on July 13, at 9:30 am.

Through the Internet

On July 11, at 11 am, it will be available on the Culture Factories YouTube, the Conversation Circle with Funkeiros Cults. The conversation aims to broaden the view of the Brazilian cultural scene while pointing out the dilemmas and reflections of artists and producers from peripheral productions, especially in literature.

In addition, all units will receive the Literary Trail activity carried out by Crialudis, between the 2nd and 9th of July, which proposes to invite the public to a route game with a giant board that allows an immersion in several classics of children’s literature, awakening the taste and interest in reading.

Check out the full schedule at Culture Factories website.

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