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Escarrá says that his statement about some $23 billion stolen was distorted

Hermann Escarrá shows constitutional amendment to put the communes

Parliamentarian Hermann Escarrá clarified, three days later, that the remarks he made on VTV were distorted by the media because he did not clarify what he meant

The deputy of the National Assembly 2020 Hermann Escarrá (SUV) published a statement to clarify that the estimate of 23 billion dollars as the total amount of the embezzlement recently revealed in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) was an informational distortion based on a “lapse » in their statements.

March 22nd, Escarrá told VTV that «We are not talking about little things, 3 billion dollars on the one hand, 8 billion on the other, 12 billion, These are extremely serious issues that harm the people, but also democratic institutions, the rule of law and state companies such as PDVSA».

Three days later, the Chavista deputy affirmed that his words were taken out of context. “I did not specify the origin of these amounts and (although it does not appear that way on the televised broadcast) various digital media took my words to” make official “a false figure about the most recent case of corruption in PDVSA,” he said.

Below is the full text of theto the clarification made by the deputy Escarrá:

to public opinion

Due to an unfortunate circumstance, a statement of mine upon leaving the last session of the National Assembly turned into an informative distortion.

In conversation with a media outlet, I referred to figures on acts of corruption that have harmed our Republic, committed both by extreme right-wing actors and by immoral officials and politicians that we mimic within Chavismo. In addition to the recently discovered mafia robbery of PDVSA, I gave as an example the illegal takeover of Citgo and 12,000 service stations in the US, the company Monómenos in Colombia; almost two tons of Venezuelan gold seized in London, the money “retained” in banks in Portugal and other assets that have been taken from us through legal tricks, under the protection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Venezuela in complicity with the opposition putschist. As I roughly estimated during my statement, all these thefts could exceed $23 billion.

In the interview I did not specify the origin of these amounts and (although it does not appear that way in the televised broadcast) several digital media took my words to “officialize” a false figure on the most recent case of corruption in PDVSA.

I clarify that the slip is mine and not that of the journalist who did her job well, although it was later decontextualized, distorted and even seasoned with statements that I did not make by the tabloid media linked to the extreme opposition.

I make public my support and admiration for the efforts of our President, Nicolás Maduro Moros, in the tenacious battle against all acts of corruption, whoever falls! and to the moral firmness of the Venezuelan people.

Always invoking Father Bolívar since the revolution in the moral refoundation of the Republic,

Deputy Hermann Escarrá
Caracas, March 25, 2023

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