Used cars of famous brands that are not being sold, and that are at an excellent price

Used cars of famous brands that are not being sold, and that are at an excellent price

The current economic situation in Colombia has generated a significant decrease in the sale of new cars so far in 2023. Despite the fact that used cars have sold more for their affordable price, experts recommend not applying for loans for this.

And it is that according to the Andemos report, which was cited by the newspaper La República, last February there was a high decrease in the transfer of cars, with 19% compared to this same month last year.

Likewise, to encourage their purchase, on many occasions vehicle auctions are held and the District even puts up for sale the cars that are never claimed in the yards, so it is a very good opportunity for those people who want to have their new car.

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In addition, there are several very famous brands that lately are not achieving the expected results in terms of sales.

Brand list of cars that are hardly being sold in Colombia:

  • Hyundai
  • nissan
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Renault
  • Mazda
  • kia
  • Toyota
  • suzuki

However, when it comes to shopping, many people, beyond looking for economy, also do so with quality. For this reason, many of the aforementioned brands, they also appear within the new cars that are best sellers.

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Renault is the brand of vehicles that Colombians prefer for performance, engine quality and much more. Followed by Chevrolet, Toyota, Kia and Mazda.

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