Época Independencia efímera analizada en seminario del AGN

Ephemeral Independence period analyzed in AGN seminar

Duration. The seminar is held from yesterday to today

The director of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN), Roberto Cassá, affirmed yesterday that ephemeral independence was the link for the birth of the Dominican State. He indicated that at that time José Núñez de Cáceres and his companions created a State different from the colonial one.

“The Dominican State was conceived from the treaty of Basel and has in the year 1821 the effective point of rupture with colonialism, since the subsequent episodes were abnormal irruptions, product of the weaknesses that dragged the gestation process of the Dominican nation”, Cassá indicated.

In this sense, the also sociologist and writer assured that the process in the Dominican Republic was prolonged and incomplete due to the weaknesses of the social agents involved; He indicated that the “Era of France” in 1795, the restoration of Spain and the failure of Núñez de Cáceres in 1822 are elements that demonstrate these weaknesses of objective factors of the national conscience.

Cassá made these explanations during the first day of the Virtual International Seminar on the Bicentennial of Ephemeral Independence, which ends today, and is made up of 22 presentations divided into 9 panels.

During the seminar, the historian analyzed the ephemeral independence that occurred in 1821 and the subsequent 9 months, he also dealt with the determining events that led to the rupture and elitism of the state that arose.

Cassá also highlighted the importance of the State holding history events on the bicentennial of the country’s break with Spain, “where the academic point of view is central.”

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