Entry of migrants through the Darien jungle exceeds 124 thousand people

According to reports from the National Migration Service, during the 10 months of this year, the entry of migrants through the Darien border area exceeds 124,500 people, mostly Haitians.

This figure exceeds the sum of the last 11 years (2010-2020) that reached 117,887 migrants who made their way through the Darien jungle.

The vast majority of these migrants have left the country, mainly to the United States. But between Darién and Chiriquí there are a total of 3,207, of which 642 are children.

In the shelters of Bajo Chiquito, Canaán Membrillo, San Vicente and Lajas Blancas, in Darién, there are 1,589 people. Of these, 852 are of Haitian nationality, and 109 are of Cuban origin, in Chiriquí, in Gualaca, there are 1,618 people, according to data provided by the Ministry of Security, updated until November 1.

Approximately 2,000 people pass through the migratory reception stations in Darien on a daily basis, who receive food from Migration. In addition, they are provided with medical and humanitarian assistance that they require.

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