New batch of covid vaccines arrives in Colombia

New batch of covid vaccines arrives in Colombia

A new batch of covid-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca arrived in the country this Sunday. Germán Escobar, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, indicated that it is 1,034,200 doses of vaccines, which came through a bilateral agreement.

“They will serve to continue with the execution of the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19,” said Escobar, who added that they will be used to complete schemes, start new schemes and, “in accordance with the determinations made by the Ministry’s Advisory Committee Health, may be used for third doses of population groups from 60 years of age “.

Among other data, Escobar highlighted that with this new batch, the country completes in the territory 68,653,584 doses of vaccines from all laboratories and through all mechanisms, that is: Covax, bilateral, donations and those acquired by the private sector. As for AstraZeneca, with this batch the country has received 13,121,560 doses.

Of this total, 1,057,600 came through donations, 2,066,400 through the COVAX Mechanism and 9,997,560 through direct negotiation.

During November, the country has received 2,070,030 doses of vaccines. Of these, 1,977,600 doses of AstraZeneca and 92,430 doses of Pfizer.

Escobar, finally, reiterated the invitation to citizens to approach the vaccination points against covid-19, to contribute their grain of sand and thus, among all, reach the protection goals with vaccination against covid-19 .

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