Eliminating full-time school program violates the human rights of millions of children: Redim

Eliminating full-time school program violates the human rights of millions of children: Redim

The Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico (redeem) warned that the elimination of the full-time school program It violates the progressivity of children’s rights and exposes them to being victims of more violence and inequalities, for which he called on the SEP and its authorities to correct this regression.

According to the organization, its annulment leaves at least 65.8% of the beneficiary population without the first food they ate that day and without the possibility of treating malnutrition and malnutrition that affects children and adolescents.

In addition to remembering that the program benefited schools with a high degree of marginalization, located in rural or indigenous areas.

Condemning the decision of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), who through the officiality of the Operating Rules for “La Escuela es Nuestra” (LEEN) has executed the elimination of the full-time school programeven though it violates the human rights to education Yet the feeding of 3.6 million children and adolescents in the country, the Network warned that this serious setback also occurs in a context in which children and adolescents have been affected by the pandemic.

“That this decision occurs without the State having corrected the school recovery of academic learning for the millions of children and adolescents who were without face-to-face classes, and in the midst of returning to schools, shows a harmful omission exercised by those who They have a duty to guarantee their rights in Mexico,” accused the Redim.

While they recalled that there is sufficient evidence that the school is a space of protection and security for children and adolescents, who are vulnerable to inequalities and various forms of violence, which in the case of Mexico has its worst expressions in recruitment by criminal groups and organized crime; the sale of girls, trafficking, disappearances, child labor and any number of abuses and violations that both they and they are exposed to when they spend less time in schools.

In addition, most of the schools that have benefited are located in municipalities with a high degree of marginalization, as well as in rural areas (87.3%) and indigenous schools (21%).

“But annulling this program not only leaves more than 3 million children and adolescents without school protection and in total abandonment. It also threatens the progress made in more egalitarian systems in the care of boys and girls and the labor inclusion of mothers… since the measure will also impact families and specifically women, who will be forced to seek more precarious jobs in the middle. time or they will even have to evaluate the possibility of rethinking whether they can work or not”, they underline.


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